About Us

        Raj Industries is professional EPS machinery manufacturer, Traders engaged in sales and service. It focuses on the quality and technological innovation in each type of machine. The company can now produce wide range of EPS machinery to meet different requirements of clients. RAJ Industries is located in Pune city which is high developed economy area in India which is closes (150km) to main ports such as (JNPT) Bombay it is very convenient for the transportation and shipment.

        We are providing top-notch services as an EPS (thermocole) manufacturer. In day to day life you may find the product which made from our machinery. Raj EPS is manufacture of EPS moulding machines, which are predominantly used in the packaging of various products like foodstuffs, electrical appliances, insulation material of building construction, decoration, etc... We supply all types of EPS machinery, EPS turnkey projects, corresponding accessory equipment, and EPS project consultancy. We have customizable solution for every business needs.

        Here is what we say "anything in EPS", various customizable products which suits your budget. Your search for EPS ends at Raj EPS Machinery Pune, India. We are welcome customized orders, we are confident of being the best supplier for your complete EPS solutions.

Especially if you do not follow certain rules such as :

  • Accuracy in the preexpansion process
  • Proper aging of preexpanded bead
  • Homogenous filling and correct steaming in blockmoulds
  • Use of proper cutting equipment to achieve high quality surface and high dimensional accuracy.

The reality is, that almost ANYBODY can start to make EPS without necessarily knowing, what it is and what to do with it, since it is fairly simple to make beads and mould blocks, which then may be cut into sheets or shapes, but ..
only on a small scale and low quality level - the higher the volume, the more sophisticated machinery you need.
High quality products are the new challenges for the EPS converters and machinery suppliers.

The difficulty may only be, to make money out of it.

If you contact us, we can send you valuable information, how to work more profitable. We will try to update this website from time to time. Your input is highly appriciated, so if you have interesting information, which you like to share with us and/or want us to publish, please feel free to contact our consultant.

You can also ask our designers to make the layout of your desired EPS-PLANT.